S1E11: The Things That Matter with Keith Darcy
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S1E11: The Things That Matter with Keith Darcy

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In this episode, we hit the reset button with Keith Darcy as we discuss the impending changes and past importance of ethics in our economic and social foundations.

Keith Darcy sits on the Board of the Notre Dame, Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership, the Center for Ethics at Emory University, and has served as Chairman of the Global Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility at St. Thomas Aquinas College, where he was also a trustee.

He served on the Board of Directors at eTrade Bank and as well as New York National Bank. He was Chairman of the Better Business Bureau Foundation of New York for over a dozen years. For 25 years, he has taught ethics and leadership in the executive programs at the University of Pennsylvania.

He is on the Global Anti-Corruption Council of West World Economic Forum and has contributed his expertise to numerous books, being widely published and quoted in newspapers and magazines.

With insights and expertise, in ethics we ponder what morality means in modern times and if we are living in a more controversial world or simply one with more transparency.

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