S1E2: It’s Київ, Not Киев with Aleksandr Volodarksy
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S1E2: It’s Київ, Not Киев with Aleksandr Volodarksy

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In this episode, we sit down with Aleksandr Volodarksy, the Founder and CEO of Lemon.io, a Ukrainian-based remote staffing agency for software engineers and developers. Aleksandr shares his insights learned from leading a company through an active warzone.

Founded in 2015, around eighty percent of Lemon.io developers are from Ukraine, while the remaining employees are stationed in other countries in Europe, such as Germany and the Netherlands. A large number of their employees saw their lives disrupted and were either forced to relocate or are still holding fast in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Aleksandr has led his company through the invasion and is continuing to find success. To help offer stability, Aleksandr ordered all employees to be paid two months’ salary in advance. Employees who volunteer for the army will also have their salaries paid in full, while their jobs will be held until their return. Those in regions under attack can keep their jobs and pay if they cannot work.

One of the greatest challenges Aleksandr is facing is in assisting the relocation efforts for those in unsafe areas. Another challenge is in trying to generate enough cash in the event that the banks run dry. As the company's leader, Aleksandr feels a responsibility for those in his organization. He firmly believes that income and job security play an absolutely vital role in helping those through times of massive uncertainty.

Join us as he shares his own harrowing story of forced relocation and the lessons he’s learned as a leader in this unimaginably trying time. To learn more about Aleksandr’s company please visit: https://lemon.io

If you’d like to donate to Ukraine, consider this organization recommended by Aleksandr: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua

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