S1E3: Weapons of Mass Disinformation with Brian Murphy
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S1E3: Weapons of Mass Disinformation with Brian Murphy

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In this episode, we are joined by Brian Murphy, the former Acting Under Secretary for the United States Department of Defense, to discuss the weaponization of disinformation...

As Acting Under Secretary, Brian Murphy led the organization as the Chief Intelligence Officer, Chief Information Sharing Officer, and the Chief Counterintelligence Officer for a Department of approximately 250,000 personnel.

Brian is an expert on economic, cyber, and supply chain threats. He revolutionized how the Department evaluated risk with respects to business acquisitions and mergers involving U.S. critical infrastructure.

Murphy also has an established career as a highly decorated FBI Agent. In 2015, Murphy was hand selected by the FBI Director to become the Senior Executive Service (SES). As such, he was responsible for designing and implementing national level counterterrorism programs, intelligence sharing between state and local law enforcement and the intelligence community, providing realistic solutions to the surge in violence in America, and improving race and law enforcement issues in the U.S.

Murphy was the Recipient of the 2003 and 2007 Attorney General's Award for Excellence in CT Investigations; Nominated for the FBI Director's Award In CT Investigation in 2005 and 2006; Awarded membership in the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association; 2005 New York City Counterterrorism Investigator of the Year; Recognized eight times by the FBI for excellence in Counterterrorism investigations and leadership; 2011 U.S. State Department Letter of Commendation; 2001 & 2005 United States Attorney's Award for Excellence In Criminal & Counterterrorism Investigations. Brian is also a United States Marine, and served in active duty as an Infantry officer serving in Iraq.

Today, Brian leads an effort to promote democracy, protect people, and counter misinformation and disinformation through his position as Vice President for Strategic Operations at Logically.AI.

Logically, combines advanced AI, expert OSINT investigators and one of the world's largest dedicated fact-checking teams to fight damaging misinformation and disinformation at scale. They build technology and tools that empower governments, businesses, and the public to identify and mitigate harmful content.

For more information about Brian Murphy please visit his LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-murphy-5043541b8/

For more information about Logically please visit: https://www.logically.ai

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