S1E5: A Cassandra in Kyiv with Mariia Prybylska
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S1E5: A Cassandra in Kyiv with Mariia Prybylska

Mariia PrybylskaMariia PrybylskaGuest

Mariia Prybylska is Ukrainian based Sales Professional who works for Lemon.Io who continued to live and work in Kyiv throughout the war.

As a student of history, Mariia had some insight into the pending invasion and acted as a modern day Cassandra - warning her family and friends. Mariia formerly worked as a tour guide in Kyiv and lends us her amazing insight into the changes she’s witnessed in her city.

Mariia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical Education and a second Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with the goals of pursuing an MBA. She has experience in Data Science and Art Journalism.

She has proficiency in English, French, and Russian. Before the war even began, she volunteered in Ukraine for numerous medical and ecological causes.

Join us as she shares her story and the lessons she’s learned through her truly unique perspective.

To learn more about Lemon.io company please visit: https://lemon.io

If you’d like to donate to Ukraine, consider this organization recommended by Aleksandr: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua

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