S1E6: The Rise of Cybercrime with Paul Solosky
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S1E6: The Rise of Cybercrime with Paul Solosky

Paul SoloskyPaul SoloskyGuest

In this episode, we hear from Paul Solosky, the Senior Advisor for CodeLock, who speaks to us about the rise of cybercrime and it's consequences...

Paul Solosky is a Senior Technology Executive with a proven record of success in strategic planning and operational execution for the government and commercial sectors. He is a recognized operational expert in Cyber Strategy, Watch and Intelligence Operations, Threat Assessment, Critical Infrastructure Protection and their roles within National and Homeland Security Strategy.

His experience includes Executive Director for Defense and Intelligence at Avint, Director of Cyber Solutions at SOS International, CEO of Catapult Consultants and CEO of eVigilant Security.

He is one of the world's most qualified thinkers on issues of Data Security and Cybercrime and lends his insights into how the digital landscape is fraught with peril and what we can all do to prepare and fight back.

This episode of TomorrowToday has been Produced by Rebecca Cohen and Jake West with Audio Engineering by Jake Frederick Olson. The TomorrowToday podcast is a nonprofit venture aimed to bring awareness to important social issues. Funding is provided in partnership with ProtectedBy.AI and CodeLock.it

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