S1E8: Playing With Our Future with Hawke Robinson (PART ONE)
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S1E8: Playing With Our Future with Hawke Robinson (PART ONE)

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Hawke Robinson is a multi-talented, multi-industry innovator with decades of ground-breaking experience in technology, education, and healthcare.

Referred to as the “Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming”, Hawke is a pioneer in Music and Recreational Therapy and has blazed the trail on the therapeutic and educational application of role-playing games.

Hawke shares with us how a background in role-playing games, starting in the 1970’s, took him on a wild journey leading to fascinating research into neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology.

Along the way, Hawke shares his insights that lead him to significant discoveries as he draws from his experiences as a recreational therapist, programs architect, adventurer, advocate, consultant, developer, educator, entrepreneur, executive leader, innovator, mentor, musician, researcher, teacher, technologist, and Level 19 Game Master Facilitator.

Join us for Part One in a episode that simply could not be contained! Where we hear Hawke's perspectives on the videogame industry, gamification, token-economies - and wonderful commentary as they relate to society and human psychology on a higher level.

Hawke Robinson is the founder and president of RPG Therapeutics LLC, RPG.LLC, RPG Tour, RPG Publishers, RPG Parties, and also founder of the non-profit RPG Research.

RPG Therapeutics LLC provides professional consulting, therapeutic, and educational services for professionals, organizations, and laypersons.

RPG Research is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable 100% volunteer-run multi-national research and community services charitable organization with 150+ volunteers across 6 continents.

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