S1S4: Regulate / Assimilate, Open the Banks with Julie Bateman
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S1S4: Regulate / Assimilate, Open the Banks with Julie Bateman

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In this episode, we here from Julie Bateman, a leading Digital Expert in Banking and Innovation, who lends her insights on the future of the Financial Sector...

Julie is a savvy business leader with over 19 years of progressive experience connecting business and technology with a broad corporate perspective and deep digital knowledge. Passion for innovating business models, creating a compelling vision, and championing enterprise change that drives significant business outcomes.

She has been recognized for developing partnerships at all levels of the organization, contributing to the strategic agenda, and successfully executing on complex transformational initiatives.

Julie is able to lend fascinating insights into the future of Open Banking, a concept that describes banks and other financial institutions who share and grant access to third parties for various financial services. Julie sees the balance between privacy, competition, and regulations and the current challenges and opportunities they add to the banking ecosystem.

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